Due to increased competition, a more empowered and enlightened patient base as well as a plethora of advertising and marketing media to choose from, attracting patients to a practice has never been this competitive. It is now more important than ever before for medical professionals and physicians to not only have an online presence but to use this presence effectively and efficiently to market themselves.

With a huge number of prospective patients making online searches, it is imperative for any medical practice to run a successful SEO campaign. There are numerous advantages and benefits accruing from the adoption of SEO services for doctors, these include but are not limited to the following;

Practicing SEO does mean you practice better web development

As is the norm, a website is usually the backbone of any SEO campaign. Without a functional site, it is true to state that there would be no SEO. In this regard, many SEO experts will ensure that first and foremost, your site is not only presentable but is also full of relevant and up to date content.

For your website to reach the top pages of leading search engines, it must be structured in such a way that spiders can crawl fast and effectively. The site can therefore not have issues such as broken links, poor navigation; lack a sitemap or have keyword stuffed, poorly written content.

With an ever increasing number of people accessing the internet through their mobile devices, any site that’s keen on practicing effective SEO must have a responsive design which allows the content to be easily and readily available on mobile devices.

It is also worth mentioning that Google results on mobile devices have been found to be different from those from a similar search on a desktop device. Independent testing has also shown that Google’s updated algorithm does slightly favor sites that offer users with a more responsive experience.

Here is the article that shows describes very well: 16 Differences Between Google Mobile & Desktop Search Results In 2012

Offers the practice greater visibility

Even if you have invested a significant amount of money in your website, it will all come to naught if you don’t optimize your practice site for top positions in the search engines. SEO achieves this by structuring your web pages in such a way that your site will appear high on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) each and every time a prospective patient makes a search or query.

Search engines such as Bing. Yahoo and Google crawl and index billions if not trillions of pages on a daily basis so as to return relevant data to queries. SEO does introduce lots of simple and complex techniques, programs, and keywords etc that make it easy for search engines to find your website.

It is worth mentioning that only a paltry eight percent (8%) of search engine users ever go past the first page of a search result. This does imply that if your website does not appear at the top of the list, then you may be buried deep and remain invisible online.



Localization puts the practice in-front of prospects anywhere, anytime

As a medical practitioner, your location is very important. You must ensure that you are located in a prime area, near your targeted prospects and be easily accessible. It is also important to offer flexible payment and visitation options to your clients. Because chances are that you are not the only one trying to attract new prospects, you must come up with effective and ethical ways of outwitting your competitors.

By simply optimizing your site with local map directories, you can make your site very easy to find. As a matter of fact, thanks to the intuitiveness of Google, your site can appear to your target prospect at the same time he or she is searching for your services. Your site can appear in the local search results accompanied by a visual guide to your actual practice location.

With such capabilities, you can easily target your ads with precision to appear only to a specific location, town or region. This allows you to run a more direct and fast marketing campaign that’s not only efficient but also quite cost-effective.

Measurable results

One of the major complaints business owners, entrepreneurs, and professional practitioners tend to have regarding marketing campaigns is their inability to actually measure the impact of the campaign they are running.

SEO is distinctly different in this aspect in that it is not only measurable but is also quite dynamic and fluid. In fact, the impact of any campaign can be measured on a real-time basis with the reasons for success or failure easily noticeable.

Apart from a wide range of tools which one can use to assess the impact of an SEO campaign, one of the easiest ways of measuring the impact of any SEO activity is by checking the change in site traffic, the number of new conversions as well as the regular analysis of revenue generated during a particular period.

It is important to note though that the success rate of a campaign is mainly determined by the initial objectives of the campaign from the onset. This is because the reasons for running a campaign may vary from one practice to the other, whereas one campaign may be keen on creating awareness about services provided, another campaign may be keen on converting visiting prospects to paying clients etc.

Low cost promotion

As a medical practice, most likely you will not be interested in employing a full time marketing team to do for your some serious online marketing and prospecting. At the same time, other marketing medium such as newspaper, radio, magazines, TV and pamphlets may be time consuming and expensive.

Even though the cost of an SEO campaign does vary, depending on the objectives of the campaign and what needs to be done amongst a host of other factors, the startup costs of an SE0 campaign can be lowered before being escalated as the campaign gains momentum. Research does show that generally. SEO campaigns are not only cheaper and cost effective; they are usually more efficient and easy to manage as well.

When you take into consideration, the high level of internet penetration all over the world, an SEO campaign is also bound to reach a wider market and as mentioned earlier, the campaign can be targeted to a particular group or location for maximum impact.

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