In this day and age of information superabundance, it has become increasingly important for dentists to use SEO (an acronym for Search Engine Optimization) to their advantage, strategically and effectively. While many of your patients are looking up the web for your name and for the specialized solutions that you offer, it’s important for you to promote your website online.

Healthyrankings, a dentist SEO, and online marketing service provider from Bangalore, India, can give you the competitive edge on the cyberspace, where your competitors might have already reached.

We at Healthy Rankings enjoy the sheer advantage of working as a full-service digital marketing team for a number of leading healthcare facilities and institutions. We know how to increase traffic to your dental website. Did you know that top ranking in any one of those popular search engines could translate straightaway into more clicks on your dentist website and increased interest in your brand?

SEO for dentists can actually help you in optimizing your website and getting more exposure in your geo-specific target market. No matter where your dental clinic is, we can take your brand to a greater audience with a brilliant and proven effective online marketing formula that combines both dentist local SEO and dentist online marketing.

SEO firm for dentists

Dentist SEO Firm


SEO is the new language of marketing. Dentist SEO, or medical SEO for that matter, is the most cost-effective marketing strategy as on date. Why spend a fortune on long-drawn offline marketing campaigns when you can get the same job done and reap more benefits that that derived from traditional marketing?

Invest in dental SEO today and see the tangible results coming your way within a few days. With strategic dental SEO, you can become a familiar brand name to a wider audience, or a very specific audience, within a far shorter time span compared to that in traditional marketing.

Here’s where we come in. For example, if you are looking to see patients from a specific neighbourhood in Bangalore, we can conduct extensive market research before launching an SEO for dental care campaign just for you.

SEO unlocks benefits that never really dry up

Most traditional marketing techniques are geared towards promoting a brand, or a product, for a short period of time. On the flip side, SEO is like a never-ending journey. Just like your potential clients are searching for your clinic every day, we also never sleep. We aim to build a sustainable optimizing, informative and really helpful web presence of your brand, for you and for enabling your patients to find your name easily too. Prominence is important!

If you decide to start a dental SEO campaign in collaboration with us, you will soon learn that feeding search sites with relevant, value-adding and updated content are the key to success. We aim to work closely with you in this area, to gather facts and insights on treatment regimes, prevention, and cure (as you are an expert in this field) and to disseminate the information for educating your potential clients first.

Quality content gradually becomes a powerful marketing aid as it helps us to build your credibility on the web. Potential clients would find trust in you in the process and they can be regularly served with up-to-date and optimized information. You will soon be receiving phone calls and emails, most of which are enquiries on your dental services and basic facts. At this point, you know that the tree has started to bear fruits.

Probably the best dental SEO service provider (India and worldwide)

While dental search engine optimization continues to be the most vital tool for promoting and marketing dental websites, it’s time-consuming and research-intensive.

Now if you are a busy doc (we are quite sure that you are one), you might want someone professional to get the job done. The finer details and dynamics of search site algorithms. By outsourcing your digital marketing campaign to one of the best dental SEO service providers at this moment, you can focus on your patients, your business and can very well manage your commitments to the society at large.

We have complex techniques and systems in place to ensure that your dental website ranks quickly and brings you more patients. Of course, we are not hoping that a number of patients rise. All we aim at is the maximum number of patients come through your doors and keep you fairly busy.

We send regular dentist SEO reports, stats and insights to our clients in healthcare so that they can get the broader picture of the healthcare market and stay prepared to rise above the breakneck competition.

In today’s healthcare landscape, planned and strategic dentist SEO can be a highly beneficial marketing tool that you can use to your advantage. With Healthy Rankings taking care of all the aspects of SEO and digital marketing for your dental clinic, you can be rest assured that the best strategy appropriate for your dental clinic will be adopted. It’s high time that you take your dental website to the level next through strategic SEO. Just place a call with us to shoot a mail to get started!

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