8 practical reasons doctors should have an seo marketing plan

In today’s competitive market, staying one step – or even ten steps – ahead of the competition is important. Unfortunately, being the best doctor in your town or even the entire country is not enough. If people don’t know who you are, you won’t get as much business as the most famous quack. Fortunately, there is something you can do to help yourself get noticed and ensure that your patients are getting the best treatment possible – internet marketing. Internet marketing, which makes heavy use of SEO (search engine optimization) services, is a powerful tool that can be geared towards bringing patients together with the best doctors. So, how can seo services for doctors benefit? Read on and find out.

Get Noticed More Easily with SEO: one in 20 Google searches are for health-related information,┬áthere’s no question that the internet plays an important role in how people find information about a host of medical issues. To drive this point home even further, one study showed that 9/10 of people looking for health-related information, including where to find a doctor, turn to Internet search engines. Sure, you can take out an ad in the local paper – but your ability to get noticed will pale in comparison to if your website comes up on the first page of a search engine.

Spend Less on Internet Marketing:

Spend Less on SEO

You could spend hours promoting your business on the radio, put ads in the local newspaper, or even pay for a commercial slot on television. However, when you use the internet to do your marketing, you will spend considerably less than if you stick to any of the aforementioned methods (TV Advertising VS Digital Marketing). Providing patients with the best care is a doctor’s number one priority. Spending less on advertising allows your office to focus less on the financial aspects and more on what’s most important – the health of the patients.

Educate Potential Patients:


Through a well-rounded SEO marketing campaign and useful links: you can help potential patients become better informed in areas in which you specialize. This does not mean that potential patients will simply look for their own solutions and skip going to the doctor’s (though, this could be the case for some). Rather, it shows that you are more concerned about their health than any potential profit.

Build Trust among your Patients:

Build Trust Online


Numerous studies have shown that when someone has a positive feeling about a service, s/he is more likely to take advantage of it many medically-related questions do not require a doctor’s visit, yet with so much misinformation on the Internet these days, it can be hard to make heads or tails of what to believe. Making sure that you and your website are front and center will help steer people to the correct information.

Build Your Reputation Online: Another important function of having SEO services is that it helps to build your reputation. First, when people notice you giving correct information that answers their health questions, you will become a trusted presence. However, the truth is people don’t often take the time to research a doctor’s qualifications and background.


For many, if not most, the most reliable doctor is the one who appears on the first page of a search engine list. A company that provides good SEO services for doctors can help you be on that first page, increasing your reputation in the eyes of the millions of people who may see your site or sites on any given day.

Internet Marketing Helps Patients Find Doctors: marketing online does not have to benefit only doctors. There’s nothing wrong with it benefiting patients, too (in fact, the argument could be made that it is best for the doctor if the patient is happy). While finding a doctor may not be difficult but, finding and choosing the right one can be a monumental task. Fortunately, if you have a proper marketing plan in place, you can help make choosing the right practice easier on potential patients.

Using SEO Marketing is More Efficient – and Simpler: SEO service for doctors can help provide a great way to easily connect with potential clients. Not only do more traditional advertising methods cost more – they are far more time-consuming. Building a successful online marketing campaign is much easier when using search engine optimization to link your practice to the world. Better yet, choosing a tested and reputable team to help you engage in Internet marketing can help you save both money and time.

Search Intent of the User: Using SEO for marketing hardly feels like an Advertisement people tend to want to make their own decisions about which service is right for them. While advertisers all understand this and try to gear their marketing towards making customers feel as though they’re in full control of their choices, what often happens is that potential consumers are turned off from an ad that feels like, well, an ad.

While they provide information, traditional forms of advertising can feel like one is being pressured into a certain decision. SEO marketing takes away that burden, instead focusing on what the person doing the searching is looking for. A successful Internet marketing team will help your office be found by linking your site(s) to what people are searching for. This allows people to find you and your health practice easily without feeling burdened.

Performance of your website: It is easier to stay updated via the Internet if you are going to market your services, it’s important to be able to ascertain what’s working and what isn’t. With tools such as Google Analytics, using the Internet to bring attention to your practice is the easiest and fastest way to learn what you should keep doing and what needs to be changed. Rather than make dozens or even hundreds of phone calls and pore through page after page of data, engaging in SEO marketing allows doctors to find what they need to know with a few simple clicks of the mouse.

Performance of your website

By now it should be clear that having a marketing plan that includes using SEO services is not only wise – but crucial. However, with a profession as demanding and time-consuming as being a doctor, it can be hard to build an effective campaign alone. That’s where a company such as Healthyrankings comes in.

healthyrankings has a team with over a decade of experience who are dedicated to helping doctors through their SEO services. Services include, but are not limited to, helping local doctors build their online profiles, managing healthcare search traffic, and helping with link building, and assisting with social healthcare bookmarking. Healthyrankings specializes in creating organic SEO content; responsive medical website design and development that help doctors connect with patients.

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