5 digital marketing strategies for healthcare centers to edge past competition

5 Digital Marketing Strategies that help Doctors bring them online easily are 1) SEO, 2) Facebook Organic Reach, 3) Google+ Page, 4) Google AdWords, 5) Content Marketing. Let me explain you in detail about these strategies and help you out in gaining some knowledge about each strategy.

1. SEO

I believe that most of the doctors or dentists don’t know what SEO is. Let me explain you what SEO is and how it is going to benefit for you.

SEO is known as Search engine optimization it is a part of internet marketing and it has a variety of names such as Organic SEO, Free Rankings, and Organic Marketing and so on.

Basically, with SEO you can rank your healthcare website for free in Search Engines but there is a hell lot of work behind the screens to get your website rank higher for your medical keywords, that’s a different story. On an average, it takes 3-6 months to make a new website rank higher in SERPs.

The presence of your medical website through SEO is very critical for your business. To make your website online and reachable to your patients to book their online appointments and to see the updated information about your hospital or clinic you need to do healthcare SEO marketing.

In order to attain healthy rankings in Google, you need to follow few strategies that can work out better. They are a: Responsive Website, b: Competitive Analysis, c: Mobilegeddon, d: Content Writing, e: Link Building

a: Responsive website design: What is meant by ‘responsive website design’? Responsive website design makes your website pages look good on all devices (desktops, tablets, and smartphones). If you have very good responsive site then the user experience on your healthcare website will be enhanced as a result of the bounce rate on your website would be very less and the higher the chances to show up in the Google search results (Google Loves Responsiveness)responsive-webdesign-development

Bonus Tip: If your medical website is responsive it means that your website is optimized for Mobile as well. So Google has said that it will rank websites with mobile versions higher – in the mobile search.

b: Competitive Analysis: Check the website of your competition and see how they are performing by looking their domain authority. You can use this tool to compare your domain authority with your competition. Generally, the DA is given in between 1 – 100.

If your domain authority is less than your competition then see where actually they are getting the backlinks from. So here in this tool, we have a greater chance to see the backlinks for free (only 5 backlinks for free otherwise you have to take the paid subscription to see more backlinks) and get the same type of backlinks for you medical website or hospital website to increase DA.

Also, check what sort of content they are posting, is it a text content or an Image ad or may be an infographic or whether video marketing on YouTube or other channels like Vimeo.

Bonus Tip: In terms of SEO, the easiest way to monitor your competition is to check their backlinks and see where they are getting and you start or optimize your marketing strategy in the same fashion (that’s very easy to do!).

C: Mobilegeddon: As you, all know that people out there are consuming content over mobile a lot. It means that many people are using their smartphones than the desktop. In order to do some research about hospitals nearby them or clinics for their health problems, they use their mobiles and see if any hospital or clinics find in the mobile version?

The chances are that if you are not there on the mobile search performed by them, then your competition is. So you are losing your customers and the competitors are grabbing them. With that being said, you need to have a mobile version of the site and make its responsive healthcare website design to be better than your competitor website then you would rank higher than your competition.

Bonus Tip: On April 21st, 2015, Google gave an update that all the websites should be mobile-friendly otherwise websites will lose their rankings in the mobile version. So make your clinical or hospital or dentist website mobile-friendly to improve your rankings on the mobile search.

d: Content Writing: As well all know and everyone keeps saying it that Content is King. Yes, it is and intact we have to make use of Content and promote it very well to improve your keywords rankings in the Search Engines.

With that being said, you can write your content in various types. Not only text content but you can create content in images, infographics, and video they all are accountable and certainly you can improve your website rankings.

Bonus Tip: Did you know that Infographics engage visitors & entice clicks for a better CTR? So keep creating the infographics aside your text marketing and others.

e: Link Building: What is link building for Doctors, hospital, and Clinics? How is it helpful?

Well, Link building is the process of acquiring hyperlinks (also called backlinks) from other websites to your own hospital site. A hyperlink (usually just called a link) is a way for users to navigate between pages on the internet.

The more backlinks you get from the high Domain authority sites (which we have discussed above) the higher the chances you get rank well in SERPs. So focusing on link building is very crucial in terms of SEO Optimization.

There are several link building processes which you can assign it to the healthcare SEO specialists like us and we will take care of these strategic link acquisitions.

Bonus Tip: Get more links which are backlinks and attain high domain authority and stay above your competition on your niche keywords. This way you can drive the patients to your doors before your competition does.

2. Facebook Organic Reach

Let me explain you what is meant by Organic reach? It is the number of unique people, fans or non-fans, who saw any content about your Page in their News Feed or on your Page. Facebook organic reach is for free and doesn’t have to pay anything to Facebook.

I will share some tips with you which you can follow to Improve Your Facebook Organic Reach without paying for the paid ads on Facebook.

a. Publishing top notch content: The content which is very useful and adds value to the user. This type of useful content can have a higher engagement rate such as likes, shares, and comments. Create content innovatively that should have some take away in it or maybe the content you posted might have to change their thinking towards that particular topic.

For example, ask one any of your doctors in your hospital to create a video on a health topic that you are dealing with, this makes a clear sense to your patients and have more chances to engage with you and can share the video with others on the social channels.

b. Question poll on your Facebook Newsfeed: Ask your fans health related questions and encourage them to answer these questions. This way, you are certainly encouraging your patients to answer these questions and top of that your customers are getting awareness of their health tips by answering these simple questions.

c. Get Notified to your Page Fans: A lot of people don’t know about this feature hidden under the Like button drop menu on your Facebook page. To get your die-hard audience on board with getting all over your Facebook updates without having to worry about the news feed algorithm. This is a nice little way to get a boost in your numbers.

Here is the way to up the opportunity to reach people organically and not have to pay for an ad (not worth it every time to pay for the ad). Simply, log in to your Facebook as a profile (where you have linked your Fan page) then search for your Fan page which I have shown in the image below. Now when you hover over the “Like” image on and Select ‘Get Notifications’. Once you do that, every time that page is updated your fans will get an instant notification.

facebook get notification

3. Google + Page

Assuming that your hospital or a clinic is a local business and if you don’t have a local business Google+ page then you are losing huge amount traffic to your physical hospital location where your patients can drive to your hospital using Google Maps.

Google Listings

For example, let’s say if your patients are searching for “hospital nearby me” then if you are not in front of the eyes of your customers through Google+ page, you are losing this customer.


Since one of your competitions is already there on the Google+ page and they are grabbing these patients. Therefore I would recommend you to have a Google+ page, Verify it and optimize it for perfection using various strategies and be present on the Google Local Listings.

Google+ page helps you drive a lot of potential customers those who are looking to get treated by their doctors nearby them.

Google partnered with Compete, Inc. and fielded over 500 hospital researchers to understand what influences hospital selection and what role digital plays in the journey. Here are some highlights from the study in the below image:

Google Medical Stats

4. Google AdWords

If you want to rank instantly and show up your ads to your patients then you need to sign-up with Google AdWords.

What is Google AdWords? Google AdWords is a paid advertising platform where you can buy the keywords such as “hospitals nearby me”, hospital {location keyword} hospitals in {location keyword} and many of the relevant searches that specifically relevant to your business.

You can outsource to an AdWords specialist who can run these campaigns for you. You don’t have to understand all these features to run this program but I am just giving you a guide to run this type of digital marketing campaigns.

Ask your AdWords Specialist to run Search Marketing campaigns, Display Marketing and Remarketing for you. These are the very handy strategies where you can show up your ads to your customers across the internet wherever they browse.

5. Content Marketing

Without quality content, your digital marketing efforts will go in vain in all likeliness. You need to work your healthcare content marketing into your overall digital marketing strategies. You have got a world of creative ways to hack your content marketing process to get the most out of it.

Did you ever write a blog for your healthcare website out of mere whim? Is it that the blog has now started to garner organic traffic, loads of social shares and likes? Go all guns blazing and make the blog an extended page of your medical website. Add content, videos, patient testimonials, hospital staff interviews and loads of other staffs to add more value for the reader.

Collaborating with top healthcare sector players often brings a host of benefits and you should also try it for your healthcare website. What happens typically is that the industry experts and commentators you collaborate with will share your content with their audience. You could even go one step further and buy small social media advertising packages for your published content for maximum outreach.

The widely accepted flow of user experience is that they read blogs, click on some call-to-action buttons, get redirected to targeted landing pages and fill out the forms. Can you cut short the process? Yes, you could actually use mini content modules with mini forms on your healthcare webpage for gathering the leads.

Anything you do, if you do not have the time or you yourself are not a good wordsmith, writing for the web can prove to be a royal pain. For this reason, only, you shouldn’t just ‘try’ content writing as low-quality, fluffy or non-engaging content can take your website to greater depths. You should, instead, hire a professional healthcare SEO content writer.

The closing thoughts

If your healthcare website has already gone live and you are still not optimizing it, you are actually living in the Stone Age. Why? Because studies suggest that many of the top healthcare sector players are already doing SEO for their websites to bring more traffic through the doors. Therefore, choosing SEO over traditional marketing can prove to be a wise decision taken in the long run.

If you are toying with the idea of promoting your healthcare website online, choose www.healthyrankings.com to beat the competition reach us at care at healthyrankings dot com

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